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I'm not your average dude.

Hello. I'm Karim, and I'm from Hampden Park. I enjoy doing what I love, and thats trying new things. When I'm trying something new, I'm happy.

Ambition is my middle name.

Risks and challenges mean nothing to me, because I always go all in, no matter the cost. Risk taking gives me adrenaline.

I'm good at multiplayer.

I can work with teams of 2 to 200. I consider myself very social, and enjoy making new friends as much as I enjoy standing out from the crowd.


Here are my past projects.


So, you want to know more about me?

Who I am

Hello! I’m Karim, aged 17. I am a fun loving, enthusiastic student from Eastbourne, East Sussex. In my free time, I enjoy tinkering with Linux. I run an Arch Linux install on my desktop daily, which I set up from scratch to match my needs. I also built a Fedora server, which I use to host some of my personal projects, and hold my private Git repositories. I find systems administration quite fun and an highly enjoyable learning experience. I started using Linux from age 8, in 2009.

How I got here

I am very passionate about learning about new technologies, and I always stay informed with current affairs becuase I don't like being misinformed. This drive has kept me going, and led to me learning more and more skills from friends and books. In Year 11, I went through a difficult house move that resulted in me commuting 2 and a half hours to school every morning. I flipped this and used this as time to hone and learn new skills, learn more about Linux and Web Design, and find the best way to continue building my career.

What I've achieved

I have obtained 5 A* - C within secondary school, and am particularly proud of my A* ICT GCSE. I have completed the CodeAcademy hour of code and also helped many of my friends through it. I have a CREST award for a STEM project I completed in my first year of secondary school, involving a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino. I have good knowledge of HTML and CSS, and I am currently working on becoming confident in JavaScript and Python.

Here is some more info about me, if you are interested.

I started with Debian and over the years I started learning the distributions, such as Ubuntu, and Crunchbang. Then I tried other Linux based operating systems such as Arch Linux, Fedora, and BSD. I am becoming quite confident with the Linux CLI (Command line interface) and prefer to use it to install packages. My other hobbies include computer hardware. I enjoy building and configuring computers, as I get a sense of joy upon seeing the finished product!

Additional past experience is available on request, which involves my work behind a clothing brand!


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